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Annual school fee schedule — 2024

Annual fees due and payable by 16 January 2024 via EFT

*Please note: levies, pupil insurance, and class fund are all once-off annual payments.
Class Annual tuition Infrastructure levy Pupil insurance Sports levy Class fund Total annual fee incl. levies Annual discount 5% Total annual fee after discount
Play GroupR79,405R1,270R190R150R81,015R3,970R77,045
Nursery SchoolR86,860R1,270R190R200R88,520R4,343R84,177
Class 1 — 2R93,450R1,270R190R850R450R96,210R4,673R91,538
Class 3 — 4R103,510R1,270R190R850R450R106,270R5,176R101,095
Class 5 — 6R112,480R1,270R190R850R450R115,240R5,624R109,616
Class 7R127,650R1,270R190R850R450R130,410R6,383R124,028
Class 8 — 9R127,650R1,270R190R850R600R130,560R6,383R124,178
Class 10 — 12R142,075R1,270R190R850R600R144,985R7,104R137,881

Monthly school fee schedule — 2024

Monthly fees as of January 2024

*Please note: levies, pupil insurance, and class fund are all once-off annual payments.
Class Monthly Tuition Infrastructure levy Pupil insurance Sports levy Class fund Total fee: January 2024
Play GroupR7,219R1,270R190R100R8,829
Nursery SchoolR7,896R1,270R190R200R9,556
Class 1 — 2R8,495R1,270R190R850R450R11,255
Class 3 — 4R9,410R1,270R190R850R450R12,170
Class 5 — 6R10,225R1,270R190R850R450R12,985
Class 7R11,605R1,270R190R850R450R14,365
Class 8 — 9R11,605R1,270R190R850R600R14,515
Class 10 — 12R12,916R1,270R190R850R600R15,826

Payment method options

Annual payments must be made via EFT, direct into the school’s bank account, prior to the start of the school year to qualify for the 5% discount.

Monthly payments must be made via debit order January - November – see attached form. Should your debit order be returned unpaid, an administration fee of R100.00 will be charged to your account. A double debit will be taken in the subsequent month.

Enrolment & registration fees

A registration fee of R635 per child is payable

An enrolment fee of R10,000 is payable upon entering Class 1 – Class 12

No enrolment fee is payable upon entering Playgroup or Nursery School, with an enrolment fee of R10,000 payable upon entering Class 1. This fee may be amortised over the year.

Class camp fees

Camp fees will be added to your school account and will be added to the following month’s debit order.

Additional fees

Please remember that extras, such as outings, photographs, textbooks, not charged to school account, are payable by EFT or cash.

Charges not covered by fees & levies

IEB & other external examination fees for Grade 9 English R234

IEB Matric Fee R8,605

Baby Care (monthly fee x12)

Full day — R6,635

Half day — R4,425


Combo contract

(annual aftercare & holiday) R2,340 p/m

Annual contract

Full day (14:10 — 18:00) R1,855 p/m

Half day (14:10 — 16:00) R1,355 p/m

Ad hoc

Full day (14:10 — 18:00) R180 p/d

Half day (14:10 — 16:00) R110 p/d

Holiday Care

Full day (7:30 — 17:30) R255 p/d

Half day (7:30 — 12:30) R150 p/d

NB: Aftercare fees include a snack however exclude lunch.

Financial Matters

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