After School

Extra-mural sports, cultural activities, and aftercare

Extra-mural activities

Michael Mount offers a wide range of extra-mural activities, ranging from art and drama, to basketball, swimming, volleyball, and more. Our High School students also have the opportunity to join the Student Representative Council and can choose to participate in debating and Model UN conferences. Because there is no overwhelming pressure on our students to excel in a certain field, they are able to naturally gravitate to that which interests them, making them far more content and successful in their choices.



~ After school art classes
to enrich and inspire



The variety of after-school sports offered by Michael Mount provides the students a healthy balance from their academics. The progression of each sport matches the child’s physical abilities and emotional needs at each age.

In the spirit of inclusion that is characteristic of a Waldorf education, any student wanting to participate is given an opportunity to practise, play, and excel. In this way, Michael Mount forms confident, effective teams who represent their school with pride – precisely because they are steeped in a spirit of support, inclusion, and teamwork.

Sports on offer (varying across the seasons)

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Ball Skills (for Class 1 and 2)

Horse riding students may also represent Michael Mount in the annual SANESA inter-school competitions.

Michael Mount participates in numerous school leagues, plays matches, and takes part in various tournaments throughout the course of the year.

Cultural Activities

For children in Early Childhood and Primary School, art and crafts lessons are available. Primary and High School students may participate in extra drama lessons.

High School students are also presented with the following opportunities:

  • Chess Club
  • Table Tennis
  • Writer’s Block
  • Environmental Club
  • Model United Nations and SACCEE Debating
  • Student Representative Council



Aftercare coordinates with extramural programmes so that children are seamlessly taken care of until you are able to pick them up or they are taken home by a transport service. Fees include a nutritious afternoon snack.

Children from 2 to 13 years are accommodated in the Aftercare Centre from 14:10 until 18:00. Holiday care is offered at an additional cost during the school holidays.

During these holidays, care is available Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17:30. Aftercare is closed for three weeks over December / January.






~ Interschool gala
Class 5 to 7