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Criteria to apply for a full or partial bursary

The application for a full or partial bursary from Michael Mount Waldorf School is only targeted for financially challenged families.

The Council for the Michael Mount Waldorf School has formulated the criteria which will be used in evaluating the awarding of a bursary to any particular family. Please read through these carefully and contact the School Bursar directly (

  1. Application for a bursary or partial bursary may only be made by those families whose children are enrolled in the 2024 academic year at Michael Mount Waldorf School. Unfortunately, no applications will be accepted for pupils that were not enrolled during 2024 at the school. Applications have not yet opened for 2025.
  2. Applications will be accepted for pupils attending from Grade 1 up to and including Grade 12 at the school (i.e., all grades in Primary and High School). No applications will be accepted for pupils for Baby Care, Play Group, or Nursery School.
  3. Bursaries are allocated for one year only and all parents need to reapply for the following year.
  4. Bursary Committee may review bursary allocations on a termly basis should information regarding a family’s financial affordability come to light. In this regard the Bursary Committee may require an updated evidence of the family’s financial status.
  5. Bursaries are awarded following an evidence-based means test assessing income, housing costs and assets. Full or partial bursaries will be awarded only to financially constrained families.
  6. No Bursary appeal process, Community Bursary Fund Committee’s decision is final.
  7. The granting of bursaries will only be on the condition that monthly school fees are kept up to date. Failing this, bursaries may be withdrawn.

Please read our full policy for further details on the fund



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