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Tech Warrior

The Tech Warrior team have been friends for more than ten years and we support each other like family. Additionally our commander in chief, Matthew is an ex Michael Mount parent. His son Tristan who runs as first mate is part of the Michael Mount Alumni . They have been a part of the Michael Mount community for over 18 years and have helped with the St. Johns festival photos, Big Walks, School Plays and project presentations since 2006.

We understand what it is like to give and take; to offer support and be supported — whether it be in good times or bad times; through thick and thin. As far as we are concerned this is what a great relationship is all about. We are a good-natured bunch of guys who have each others' back and, if you'll let us, we'll have your back too.

If you have a website that needs building, looking after, or needs changes the we are your answer. Our primary focus is on website development and web-based support. We believe your website is a tool that should be designed and utilized to support you and your business.

Key to this is making sure it is kept up to date and kept secure from malware and virus infections and other nasties such as unauthorised logins.


Tech Warrior is a small business that understands the challenges small business owners face and during this time we have reduced our rates and expanded our offering to support the community.

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