St John’s Festival 2019

The music and singing uplifted our souls

Primary school St John‘s festival 2019

The St. John’s festival closes the end of the second term at Michael Mount – marking midwinter in South Africa. The festival is a favourite among all members of the Michael Mount community and takes its name from John the Baptist. John the Baptist calls upon us all to seek the light. Hence, the festival of St. John’s reminds us to cultivate inner light and warmth.

The children create lanterns – a symbol of this inner light we must all cultivate. Traditionally a great bonfire is built, where the children and school’s community gather around eagerly waiting for the flames to die down, so one can jump over the ashes to signify the leaving behind of past troubles.

This year the children were again arrayed in t-shirts dyed in the colours of the rainbow and sang en masse lead by the talented Ms Ciasulli. This uplifting musical experience set the tone for the evening. After the children’s mesmerizing performance parents, teachers and students adjourned to the field for the lantern spiral and the lighting of the fire by the Class 8’s.

What an amazing evening! Warms the soul!

Such a beautiful evening. What a privilege to
belong to this school.

Image gallery

Below are a selection of images from the special evening. Thanks to Matthew Green and Behind The Lens for the beautiful photos.

The music – sigh. You were all absolutely beautiful.

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