Baby Care

Ages 4 Months – 4 Years
Baby care | Play group

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out

– Bill Gates

Baby Care Programme

Caters for babies from 4 months to two years old, from 7h00 to 17h30, Monday to Friday.

The Baby Care Programme at Michael Mount was started in direct response to calls from parents for a loving, gentle space run on Waldorf principles, to care for their babies.

“Most early education programs have been forced to accelerate the teaching of cognitive skills (which research is showing is inappropriate for these young children), while focusing less and less on their physical, emotional and social needs”.
– Jane McCoy, BA, MA Curriculum Design, and a certified Waldorf teacher.

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Babies do not distinguish between themselves and their surroundings. Michael Mount provides a safe haven where babies are slowly, gently introduced to the world through natural rhythms that lovingly heed their need for food, exploration and rest, in a quiet, nurturing, warm, peaceful and naturally lit environment. They are never ‘pushed’ to walk or do things before they are ready. While nurturing the senses of babies and young children is critical, loud and artificial stimulation of the senses is avoided at all cost.

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Safe and peaceful spaces allow these young beings the freedom to explore the world and their own ability to move – as they become ready to do so.

There is a place of rest for each baby, draped with silk cloths to filter bright light. There is no urgency and no hurry. Caregivers create a harmony and calm with their gentle singing or soft playing of the flute or kinder lyre. Often, there is simple, peaceful silence – allowing the babies to experience the world within, not only the world without.

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Games include gentle tickles, peek-a-boo and finger-plays. Older, mobile babies move around, interact with other babies, and play with objects and toys made of natural materials of different textures. Playthings include simple knot dolls, cloth balls, and wooden blocks and bowls. The soft voices and gentle touch of caring adults, in a beautiful, serene environment provide all the stimulation needed.