Class of 2018

Our 2018 matrics performed very well and it gives us great pleasure to share with you the results. 100% pass rate – again!

Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Michael Mount Class of 2018 matric results

Congratulations! All our matric students passed with a Bachelor’s degree pass. What a wonderful achievement! Michael Mount’s record of a 100% pass rate remains unbroken since the first class of Michael Mount matrics wrote their exams in 1987.


In 2018 44 candidates wrote the IEB National Senior Certificate and all achieved a Bachelor’s degree pass (university entrance).


  • Alice McKnight achieved 7 distinctions: Afrikaans, English, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, AP mathematics.
  • Cassia Holtz achieved 6 distinctions: Afrikaans, English, Geography, German 2nd additional language, Life Orientation, Visual Arts.
  • Sazryn Moodley achieved 6 distinctions: English, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Afrikaans, Life Science.
  • Petya Bartosch achieved 5 distinctions: English, Geography, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Visual Arts.
  • Jeremy van der Riet achieved 5 distinctions: Geography, History, Life orientation, Life Sciences, Maths Literacy.
  • Daniel Jones achieved 4 distinctions: English, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Physical Sciences.
  • 3 distinctions: Naina Patel : Drama, English, Life Orientation); Arabella Walsh : English, Life Orientation, Maths Literacy
  • 2 distinctions: Aimee Cullinan : Life Orientation, Maths Literacy; Mishay Naidoo : Geography, English; Regan Roseveare : English, Life Orientation
  • 1 distinction: Robyn Ayres, Dylan Baker, Courtney Bridger, Marc de Ville, Tristan Jorgensen, Luc Juncker, Jerome McNamee, Ashley Robertson, Matthew Segal, Jenna Townsend

At Michael Mount Waldorf School we celebrate all our matrics. With our unique Waldorf curriculum which allows each pupil to develop as an individual we know that, in the words of Rudolf Steiner, they leave our school “[as] free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives“.

Congratulations, dear Class of 2018! We wish you everything of the best as you go forward in life.


History of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) at Michael Mount

No. of candidates17343229293044
% Pass with entry into tertiary institutions100100100100100100100
% Bachelor degree pass88889110083100100
No. of candidates who achieved distinctions5201614172121
No. of distinctions11384131414852
No. of candidates with an average > 80%1211435
No. of candidates with an average > 70%29141181511
No. of candidates with an average > 60%8141110111021

To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.
— Rudolf Steiner