Class of 2017 Students



(left to right) Bryan Horner, Letuka Mosia, Leonardo Rojas, Alejandro Rojas

Front row

(left to right) Tylin Moodley, Bronwyn Ferguson, Danielle Alcock, Courtenay Storbeck, Courtney Koen, Owami Manganyi, Wanga Fosiko, Jennifer Glaffig, Monica Bylos

Second row

(left to right) Rebeccah Malapane, Aninka Moore, Tshego Modise, Francesca Sanne, Mrs Trish Godlonton, Mr William Bester, Christopher Hendrikz, Jude O’Donovan, Samira Rijnen, Tshidi Mosebo

Back row

(left to right) Mikha Kreft, Jonathan Boulle, Malin Sanne, Arion van Winkel, Markus Geldenhuys, Tristan Falck, Byron Botoulas, Oliver Segal, Jonathan Townes



Don’t ever confuse the two, your life and your work. The second is only part of the first.
–Anna Quindlen