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Waldorf Education: Creating Leaders for the 21st Century

Category: | Date: 13 June 2017

With our world changing exponentially before us, we must ask: What do children need to learn today in order to succeed in the future? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of today’s grade school kids will be in jobs that don’t yet exist. How does an education system best teach children to succeed in phantom careers? The agricultural world once needed healthy and strong...


6 Waldorf-Inspired Principles Every Family Should Adopt

Category: | Date: 9 June 2017

Although less well known than the Montessori education philosophy, Waldorf is an alternative education system which focuses on the holistic development of a child. As their website states, Waldorf schools integrate artistic, practical and intellectual content in their curriculum and focus on social skills and spiritual values. Waldorf education first began in 1919 when the first...